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Accepted, thanks.
-- [[YvesPiguet]], 2007-Apr-12
Moved List nesting level poll to discussion... The conversation below is the archived conversation from the poll itself:
== List nesting level
Why should we discuss that here? Has anyone written a proposal about it? Am I missing something here? If not, we should not vote about this point yet. It's a waste of time. I would like to remove this. Axel, please don't take it personal.
-- [[ChristophSauer]].
Please feel free to remove it, I really do not want to cause trouble ;-) !
I was just curious if I really was the only one who liked this idea (my proposal is at ListMarkupAlternatives). You could also leave it in and add a note that this is for information purposes only (=will have no effect on the Creole spec).
I felt that 0.6 would maybe be the last time that lists changed, so I did not want to miss that opportunity.
-- [[Axel Rauschmayer]]
Thanks Axel, I see. I like the Idea, but we have to come to an end. Maybe in the markup language that evolves from Creole, but Creole will not be perfect, because of its [[Goals]]. You still can make a proposal to preserve the Idea, but I personally will reject it ;).
-- [[Christoph Sauer]],
== Escaping Links ==
If a wiki engine extends Creole with CamelCaseLinks, then it should also extend it with a way of escaping them -- there is no point for including it in the standard if Creole doesn't have CamelCaseLinks in standard. Then again, we could go for a recommendation, in a similar way the blog-like newlines are recommended.
I didn't finish the [[NoWiki Markup Comparison]] yet, but the results so far are rather unambiguous: the exclamation point added in front of a WikiWord is the most popular, if not the only common, markup for escaping links. Replacing it with a tilde would only create confusion and force the mixed-mode engines to support **both** markups, as the existing escaped links won't just disappear, and people used to them will want them preserved.
If Creole is going to be a common wiki markup, then make it use //common wiki markup//, and don't invent new mechanisms.
-- [[Radomir Dopieralski]], 2007-Apr-04
But the exclamation point is also the second frequent markup for headings. If Creole is going to be a common markup, then make it [[collision free]], don't forget about other uses of markup characters.
-- [[Christoph Sauer]], 2007-Apr.04
== Make Escape Character Core
ChristophSauer:I changed my mind on the escape character, I first wrote
// weakly there should be unified way for parser developers that want to simplify escaping, but it should be optional, since I agree that escaping is hard to understand for endusers. Also it's not Creoles goal to add new markup, that was not there in other engines. Therefore I opt for escape as an addition - a suggestion to solve a certain problem in an more elegant way than using nowiki.//
But if I am reading through the spec and looking at Martin Junghans question recently, then I feel we are not giving a clear answer in the core spec.
Martin Junghans wrote:
//If I want to print two bold asterisk in the wiki page, I cannot write "** ** **", because the second asterisk-pair is already the closing tag? So it is intended to use the next (not escaped) tag to close the bold section?//
So I changed my mind, Escape character should be in the core. Without the escape character (be it \ or ~) I feel that the spec is not "round" - we are not giving answers to obvious questions.
-- [[ChristophSauer]], 2007-04-24
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