The use of [[Block Quote]] is widespread in forums, blogs, and all kind of discussions (literature, politics, society, gossip...).

This seems to be the most widespread and traditional use:

> This is a block quote.
> Every line of it begins with one or more > characters.
> Paragraphs within it are separated with lines containing only the > characters and whitespace. Long lines wrap around making it hard to see where the quote ends.
> * Should lists also be supported inside quotes?
>> How about quotes inside quotes?
> -- Source can be indicated with standard e-mail signature mark.

> Empty line marks end of blockquote and beginning of a next one.

The fragment above has been copied from [[Talk.Quoting]], where this proposal was originally being discussed. At this point, it's probably better to separate this proposal from the one about [[Inline Quote]]. See [[Inline Quote Proposal]].

It should be noted that a [[block quote]] is semantically different from an [[indented paragraph]], a [[remark]] or a [[comment]]. Instead, it is not semantically different from an [[inline quote]], and it would be desirable to have some kind of similarity in the markup, also.

((Just a stub. Feel free to remove my signature and modify the proposal.))

-- [[Michele Tomaiuolo]], 2007-03-07