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Creole markup should be easy to remember. A measurement for this is the [[Wikipedia:The_Magical_Number_Seven,_Plus_or_Minus_Two|Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two]] rule. If you group the markup into functional areas, we almost archived that goal (If you count nowiki and preformatted as "advanced", and group horizontal rule to paragraphs we indeed did ;-) ): 

1. Emphasis, 2.Lists, 3.Links, 4.Headings, 5.Paragraphs, 6.Images, 7.Tables

Advanced: Nowiki, Placeholder

== Text Formatting Rules ==

You can use Creole markup format when editing pages on this site. 

**Paragraphs** are created by simply typing the text. To separate paragraphs, just leave an empty line between them. Line ends will be preserved inside paragraphs. You can use "{{{\\}}}" to force a line break most everywhere.

**Emphasis** can be marked {{{//like this//}}} or {{{**like this**}}}, to produce //italic text// or **bold text**.

**Link** to a {{{[[wiki page]]}}} will render as [[wiki page]]. You can also use {{{[[wiki page|different text]]}}} that will show [[wiki page|different text]]. Web page addresses, like {{{[[http://wikicreole.org|WikiCreole]]}}} can be also used and will display as [[http://wikicreole.org|WikiCreole]].

**Images** are included with {{{{{http://www.wikicreole.org/templates/creole/images/viki.png|WikiCreole Logo}} }}}, the text is displayed when the image cannot be shown. You can put images inside links: {{{[[http://wikicreole.org|{{http://www.wikicreole.org/templates/creole/images/viki.png|WikiCreole Logo}}]]}}}.

**No markup** is in effect if you type text {{{{{{like this~}}}}}}, or —  when you need several lines — like this:
line 1
line 2
line 3

**Headings** are created like this:
== Section heading ==
=== Subsection heading ===
==== Subsubsection heading ====

**Bullet lists** are created like this:
* first item
* second item
** first subitem of second item
* third item

**Numbered lists** are made like this:
# first item
# second item
## first subitem of second item
# third item

**Tables** can be made easily:
| first row first column | first row second column |
| second row first column | second row second column |

**Horizontal line**, like this one
can be used to separate parts of text, you just need to type: