I led the WikiSym workshop on Creole along with [Christoph Sauer], [Janne Jalkanen] and [Ward Cunningham]. I work for the [i3g Institute|http://www.i3g.hs-heilbronn.de] of the Hochschule Heilbronn.  I am also the founder of the Esperanto Wikipedia and the head developer of the [WikiWizard|http://www.wikiwizard.net/].

I can be reached by email: csmith (at) hs-heilbronn.de

I can also be reached using the following IM clients:

* Google Talk: chuckssmith@gmail.com
* Skype: amuzulo

Telephone: +49 7131 504 474


Personal notes to add to wiki tomorrow:

Horizontal Rule?  3 or 4 hyphens?

Headers: tolerate = after heading?

Links: OLPC doc format changing theirs to match ours