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!!!Common Things People Need

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* [Wikipedia Spickzettel |] Cheat Sheet for the MediaWiki Markup

People's opinions on creole.

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!!!Mailing Lists
* [wiki research mailinglist|]

* [OLPC news|]

!!!Other Discussions and Markup Standardization Attempts

* [[Crossmark]] - markup standard for [[One Laptop Per Child]] project
* [[|Ghestalt]] - variant of WikiCreole especially for Ghilbert proofs
* [Meatball Discussion on Wiki Markup Standard|]
* [Markdown|] - lightweight markup language used in variety of programming languages
* [ Markup Reference|] 
* [New syntax draft|] - Daniel Lee Crocker's proposal for MediaWiki syntax reform
* [Textile|]
* [TikiWiki RFC|]
* [YAML|] - machine parsable data serialization format designed for human readability 
* [Meatball:WikiSyntax], [Meatball:WikiMarkupStandard], [Meatball:WikiCoreAstStandard], [Meatball:SillyTextFormattingRules]
* [[Microformats]] - markup for the [[semantic web]]
* [[|YODL]]

!!! Other Wiki Standardization Attempts
* [Amo API|]
* [Interwiki Workshop, Wikisym 2005|]