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!!!Panel of the WMS Workshop, Wikisym 06
* [Christoph Sauer] - initiator of Wiki Creole
* [Chuck Smith] - founder of [Esperanto Wikipedia|]
* [Janne Jalkanen] - head developer of [JSPWiki]
* [Ward Cunningham] - inventor of wikis and [C2]

!!!Participants at the WMS Workshop, WikiSym 06
* [Brion Vibber] - head developer of [MediaWiki]
* [Dirk Riehle] - head organizer of WikiSym
* [Andreas Gohr] - head developer of [DokuWiki], webmaster of
* [Eugene Kim] - head developer of [PurpleWiki]
* [Alain Desilets]
* [Silvan Reinhold]
* [Anika Henke]
* [Angelo Di Iorio]
* [Kevin Makice]
* [Mark Gaved]
* [Colas Nahaboo]
* [Harri Lakkala]
* [Matthias L. Jugel]
* [Stephan Schmidt]
* [Michel Buffa]

!!!Others who work on this wiki
* [Matthias Hader]
* [MattisManzel|Mattis Manzel]

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