Please add your name to the list and create a page for you, stating what you expect from Creole and how you can be reached. Let us know on your page what you like and don't like on the current markup and how you would like to see this improved.

!!!Panel of the WMS Workshop, Wikisym 06
* [Christoph Sauer] - initiator of Wiki Creole, founder of [WikiWizard] project.
* [Chuck Smith] - founder of [Esperanto Wikipedia|]
* [Janne Jalkanen] - head developer of [JSPWiki]
* [Ward Cunningham] - inventor of wikis and [C2]

!!!Participants at the WMS Workshop, Wikisym 06
* [Alain Desilets] - coauthor of "Are Wikis Usable", next head organizer of Wikisym
* [Angelo Di Iorio]
* [Anika Henke]
* [Andreas Gohr] - head developer of [DokuWiki], webmaster of [WikiMatrix]
* [Brion Vibber] - head developer of [MediaWiki]
* [Colas Nahaboo] - works for [ilog|]
* [Dirk Riehle] - head organizer of WikiSym 05/06
* [Eugene Kim] - head developer of [PurpleWiki]
* [Harri Lakkala] - responsible for Wikis at Nokia
* [Kevin Makice] - politicWiki, Indiana University
* [Silvan Reinhold] - university of Frankfurt
* [Stephan Schmidt] - [SnipSnap]/[Radeox] developer
* [Mark Gaved] - admin of the [Open Guide to Milton Keynes|]
* [Matthias L. Jugel] - [SnipSnap]/[Radeox] developer
* [Michel Buffa] - university of Nice

!!!Others interested in Creole
* [Matthias Hader]
* [Mattis Manzel|MattisManzel]
* [DarTar] - head developer of [WikkaWiki]
* [Alex Schroeder] — aka kensanata on #wiki @ freenode
* [Radomir Dopieralski]
* [Thomas Waldmann] - head developer of [MoinMoin]
* [Martin Budden|MartinBudden] - TiddlyWiki developer (specializing in formatters)
* [Martijn van der Kleijn|MartijnVanDerKleijn] - Project lead and lead developer of [VQWiki]
* [Jared Williams] - wiki developer
* [Michele Tomaiuolo] - developing a [Creole extension|] for the [PEAR Text_Wiki package|]
* [Mark Wharton] - software engineer interested in Creole
* [Eric Chartre] - software architect wanting to contribute to the standard
* [Raph Levien] - developer of [Barghest]
* [Daniel Brüßler|] - software developer and lover of the wiki-way interested in Creole as common wiki-syntax
* [Steffen Schramm] - student and author of the Creole pagefilter for JSPWiki
* [Roie Black] - educator and wiki developer
* [Patrick Michaud] - developer for [PmWiki]
* [Earle Martin] - developer for [OpenGuides|]
* [Yves Piguet] - lead developer of [Sysquake|]
* [Sebastian Schmidt]
* [Viktor Söderqvist|ViktorSoderqvist]
* [[GregorHagedorn]]
* [[Joachim Stolberg]] - developer of [[NotesWiki]]
* [Bayle Shanks] - developer of [WikiGateway|]
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