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== Work in progress

* MoinMoin Creole plugin
* TheStudentExperiment

== Proposals
This is where I stand as of 2997-Mar-21:

=== Proposals I'd like to see in Creole
* [[Change Linebreak Markup Proposal]] accepted
* [[Add No Wiki Escape Proposal]] accepted
* [[CreoleCore And Additions Proposal]] accepted
* [[Proportional Font Nowiki Proposal]]
* [[Move Tables to Additions Proposal]]
* [[Require Space After Bullet Proposal]]
* [[Multiline list items]]

=== Proposals I don't like
* [[Change Italics Markup Proposal]] rejected
* [[Alternate Link Syntax Proposal]]
* [[Escape Character Proposal]]
* [[Hyphen List Markup Proposal]]

As for the rest of proposals I don't know -- they are either too undefined, or just both accepting or rejecting them is fine to me.

== (Anti)Patterns