===Please note that this wiki is **not** a reference implementation of Creole.

**test : <p> paragraph insertion**

"Hard wrapping software should not be used to author wiki markup, because it can put characters in text as a first character in a line.\\
Those character then get special meaning in the wiki markup, although the author did not intend it." List start here:
* item1
* item2
List ends here.\\
Second Line.

New paragraph.

hello world
** salam.
** Welcome to the //Jungle//, we've got fun and //games//... **

===Heading 1===
** some bold **

That's not an h1 up there... 
= This is a Heading 1

=     another h1   ==== and this?
and below we have a sub heading...

== Sub Heading (h2)
That should do for now.

|jhksjdhfsk dkjs dfsdkj sdjk |
[[]]== bold and italics{{}}

** some bold // and italic // text ** not 

// some italic ** and bold ** text // not 

** some bold // and italic ** text //not 


This is a pic
|= Animal |= Image | 
|Praying mantis|{{prayingMantis.jpg}}|
|= Recumbent Banana |http://chidiet.com/images3/banana1.jpg |

==This is a heading 1
===This is heading 2
====This is heading 3

*Bullet 1
*Bullet 2
*Bullet 3

##Item 1
##Item 2
##Item 3

This is normal. //This is Italic.// **This is Bold.**
==This is large heading
===This is medium heading

* item 1
* item 2
# item a
# item b
** item 3
## item c

# MyTry
## MyTry222
# sdasldfs
~~lkjfl lkjfasdf lflasdf
[[head|head a|head2| 
| |tryrt| | 
|sdfasd|dfasd| | 
|head|head a|head2| 
| |tryrt| | 
|sdfasd|dfasd| | 

[[test spam|http://www.golden-day.com/guohe/]]

normal text
===heading 2




# One
# Two
# Three

# One
# Two
# Three

|**over two lines?//|


==Bold Tests

An ***odd-balanced*** example.

An ***odd-unbalanced-open** example.

An **odd-unbalanced-close*** example.

An ****even-balanced**** example.

An ****even-unbalanced-open** example.

An **even-unbalanced-close**** example.

A **bold text\\
line span closed** example.

A **bold text\\
line span unclosed example

==Link Tests

An internal link to this page [[Sandbox|WikiCreole:Sandbox]].

An example with [[too many open and close|[http://www.example.com]]] characters.

**This is bold text**
This is text

**bold** and still ** bold **

==List Tests

===Mixed List Types
# ordered first
## ordered second
** unordered second
## ordered second

===Mixed List Levels
# first level
## second level
### third level
## second level
## second level
# first level

===List Item Escaping
# first
## second
~## escaped

### third level item without defined parent lists


~ 1 (expecting 1 - lone tilde)\\
~~ 2 (expecting 1 - escapes a tilde)\\
~~~ 3 (expecting 1 - escapes second tilde and semi-escapes space)\\
~~~~ 4 (expecting 2 - escapes 2nd tilde and 4th tilde)\\

This has a ~tilde which should show up.\\
This has a lone ~ tilde which should show up.\\
This has a tilde before the ~// which shouldn't show up.\\
This has a tilde inside a URL so it should show up as part of the URL. http://somewhere.com/~tilde.\\
This has a tilde to escape the link ~[[tilde]].\\
This has two ~~ tildes which should show up as only one.\\
This has a tilde before~ a space so shouldn't show up nor escape that space.\\
This has a tilde at the end of (broken) line~\\ so it should escape that markup.\\
This has a tilde at the end of line so shouldn't show up nor escape that EOL.~

nowiki test: fdgofgenlofgten

* list item one
** sub item 
  * list item two according to the spec, this should be a new list item at the same level as list item one
and this should still be part of list item two 



|ho| | w|is|the
|jhksjdhfsk dkjs|=dfsdkj|sdjk|dfsdf|dfsdf|dsfsdf

This is a basic paragraph followed by a table.

and more text after that.  Interesting that no p tag gets put after the table.
There needs to be a separate line.

# first item

# second item
# third item
## third dot one
## dot two
### dot what?

# in middle
## third what?
# forth item

=This should be level 1=
==This should be level 2==
more text
===This should be level 3===
last text

[[Link's Quote]]


Is this a [link] or not?

Test of numered headings:

#= level 1 (number 1)
##== level 2 (number (1.1)
##== more level 2 (number 1.2)
#= another level 1 (number 2)
##== level 2 (number 2.1)
###=== level 3 (number (2.1.1)