There's still this ACL bug - When page cache is enabled, after a while, frequently used pages get locked inadvertantly. When I disable page cache, ACL's on pages do not work anymore. I left it like this for a while so that Janne and others could check. I enabled page cache again for now. Sorry for the trouble.

--[Christoph Sauer], 2007-02-14

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== 2007-02-08
RadomirDopieralski: "Locked" page again, this time it's [[ExternalDiscussion]]. I edited it to add a link, saved, and then it gone locked. What's interesting, the top action bar still showed the "edit" link, while the other two (the one at the bottom and the one hidden in the sidebar) did not. Clicking on the present edit link redirected to the login page, of course. I hope this helps (btw. this only seems to happen after saving a page with an external link on it...)

== 2007-02-07 Updating Server Software

ChristophSauer: For those who tried to log in in vain today - while trying hard to get those ACL problems solved I mistakenly locked the page. So welcome back again :). I'will reinstall the server today so you might see other strange things happening. Sorry for the inconvenience. It should be done by the end of the week - then you will also see a new look for the site.

== 2007-02-06 ACL Problems

ChristophSauer: There is something wrong with the access control right now. It's not to serious but it seems that some pages will not be editable anymore for some reason I haven't figured out yet. Let Me know if there is a page that gets locked that should not be locked. Currently the following pages are locked by intention: LeftMenu, Home, Index, RecentChanges.

JaredWilliams: There is also something wrong with the "forgotten password" reminder. Throws some internal error, which is preventing me from logging in. 

Jared, send me an e-mail. I'll then reset your password by hand.  --[[ChristophSauer]]