Wow! This testing you are doing is a great help for all the developers. Thank you, I was going to do it myself after Creole 0.5.

I just don't understand the comments you've written here. I did my own test: and I can't see any difference from the "sample" rendering, especially no backslashes or missing newlines(?).

**Update:** Ok, I see now, the sandbox link in [[Engines]] is to some old test wiki I left lying around. Sorry about that, fixing it now.

-- RadomirDopieralski, 2007-02-23

The PEAR Text_Wiki sandbox should work now. The two backslashes before the list were taken with all following newlines and interpreted as a single break...

Dashes for lists are also supported, experimentally.

Very good idea, this testing!

-- [[Michele Tomaiuolo]], 2007-02-23

Why should the penultimate line look like "this text does not close, see what happens ** not closing**" when the bold tags aren't closed? Shouldn't it be "this text does not close ** not closing"?

-- ChrisPurcell, 2007-02-23

That'd require infinite (unbound) lookup to parse.

-- RadomirDopieralski, 2007-02-23