It's a step in the right direction, but in my humble opinion is light on [courage|C2:XpCourageValue].

I think "{{{bold and italics should //be}}}" should be "{{{bold and italics should //be \\}}}". Otherwise, how is that line break supposed to get in there?

Is there any compelling reason to allow {{{\\}}} in the middle of a line, rather than requiring it to be at the end?

I don't think that a source linebreak in a list item should force a new paragraph - that defeats the ability to edit in a normal text editor without long lines.

It felt to me like we had broad consensus to require whitespace after bullets.

Also, some time soon, we need to take a hard, critical look at the incompatibilities with the current [Crossmark] draft spec.

-- RaphLevien 2007-01-10