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What happened here? Why has all previous content (especially some options we were to vote on) been removed? I really liked the previous format.

-- Axel Rauschmayer 2007-04-11

Take a look at the basic options we have (just for lists):

  1. List markup character (- or *)
  2. Space required after character (Y or N)?
  3. Space allowed before (Y or N)?
  4. Multiple Indention (Y or N)?
  5. Mix markup character with # (Y or N)?

Every point above generates two options which could be combined to 2^5 = 32 choices to formulate. Yves put only a small amount of those choices generated out of the basic options on for voting and it was not clear if he thought of all the choices.

Take a look at the Creole 0.6 Poll Archive again, for example the old Choice D:

One or more stars with leading spaces ignored, followed by at least one space (can be mixed with #).

It combines option 4(Y) + 3(N) + 2(Y) + 1(*) + 5(Y). If we conduct polls like this in a proper way we would have to make 32 questions to choose from...

It is much cleaner now. Through reducing the questions to the basic options we can reduce the exponent for the combinations. For example this poll already does not include 3, 4, and 5 since they are not in question by any proposal made so far. Except suggestions on Talk pages which doesn't count until someone formulates a clean proposal out of it.

With this new poll we only have 4 choices to decide between in the end. You can combine them yourself. It's the only way to go.

Besides this, the style of voting Chuck choose is well known from Wikipedia.

-- ChristophSauer 2007-April-10

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