== 2007-02-09
ChristophSauer: It's done. I've updated the server. [[[ACL Problem|Talk.AccessControlLists]] is still there. I'll work on that next week. Layout is cleaner now, but still needs some color and spice. Suggestions welcome.

[[Michele Tomaiuolo]]: I like the changes, Christoph. Great work! ;)
Hmm... A little suggestion: if you keep all vertical margins smaller in the left box, links will be more visible and easy to click on.

[[JaredWilliams]]: Quick heads up, {{{ http://www.wikicreole.org/templates/creole/images/bulletUp.png }}} is missing (404).
Cannot edit Talk.Placeholder. Trying to go to http://www.wikicreole.org/Edit.jsp?page=Talk.Placeholder directly, results in a redirect to http://www.wikicreole.org/Edit.jsp?page=Talk.placeholder, for creation of a new page. Which seems odd.

RadomirDopieralski: Wow, the new looks does indeed look much better and cleaner. There are still some tiny little things to correct (for example the dashed bottom border on links to non-existent discussion pages, the 1px empty space between the tabs in the editor and the frame, the large line height in the sidebar) but I really like the direction. On a related effort, I tried to prepare a "web 2.0"-ish look for this page, but had a lot of problems with the current structure of the html. You can see my attempt at http://sheep.art.pl/work/creole/

Btw. I do like the dog and don't mind the graphics staying there and the animal being the //mascot// of the project and even a symbol of the Creole wiki. However, it makes a poor [[Wikipedia:logo]] for WikiCreole itself, not to mention the JSPWiki symbol in it. I was rather thinking of some kind of a simple yet recognizable symbol that people could put in their site's footer to announce that it supports Creole, or on an "edit with Creole" button.

I prepared this {{http://sheep.art.pl/work/creole/favicon.gif|favicon}} for this site :)

[[JaredWilliams]]: {{http://homepage.ntlworld.com/jared.williams/creole/creole.gif|creole}}. Any suggestions for better colours? Not sure if the animal is really recognizable either, (a stretched & squished version of Radomir's favicon above) unless you know what your looking at. But atleast a starting point. :)  

RadomirDopieralski: I think I have a preference to greens (usability, user friendliness) and browns (tradition, standard, official), but that's just me. 

I coudn't resist: {{http://sheep.art.pl/work/creole/wc.gif}}

== 2007-02-06 Spicing things up

RadomirDopieralski: As Creole matures, it starts to attract more attention. Soon we will have to direct our efforts more on advertising it and developing various plugins and converters than developing the standard.

This brings us to the topic of looks. It didn't matter at the beginning, but I think that we should improve the looks of this wiki a little, to give it impression of silidness and professionalism, and maybe even design some kind of good logo for Creole, for those little banners (colophons?) and "edit with Creole" buttons, so that the users will immediately know that they can use Creole on particular site.

If yuo don't mind, I'll try and prepare some style sheet for this wiki. We can also think about making a LogoContest soon.

ChristophSauer: I was about to change the looks this week by installing a slightly modified template. I will not do any big layout changes though, so feel free to make suggestions. We could have a [[LogoContest]], but I actually like to keep the dog (btw, his name is viki ;), anyway we will see.


Who exactly is the "we" who would like to keep the dog? :)

But seriously, it's a nice mascot, and certainly can be used in various promotional materials and together with the logo (as, for example, at the top of this page), but I think it's definitely too complicated for a real good logo/logotype. We need something that can be put in a colophon or on a button and be immediately distinctive... So, I'd opt for making the dog optional :)

-- [[Radomir Dopieralski]], 2007-Mar-22