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Your comments on quotes are very helpful, I didn't know about that mozilla guidelines. Seems like you have some very good ideas.

I'm impressed with your parser, it can even handle things like {{{//italic **bold italic// bold**//}}} and generate proper html for them!

However, it behaes weird on this input:

-- [RadomirDopieralski], 2006-09-24


Thanks a lot for your help, Radomir. I worked on the problem of newlines in links and it should be fixed now.

About the parser: large part of the code is taken from Text_Wiki, so its developers are the people who deserve your compliments. But... thanks! ;)


Seems something has changed for the worse as {{{//italic **bold italic// bold**//}}} produces {{{<p><em>italic <strong>bold italic</em> bold</strong>//</p>}}}.

-- Jared Williams, 2006-09-25