I know that wikis are inherently messy, but we try to keep some order. We all put our recommendations on our user pages, for example...

I also see that you "recommend" some new things, or things that have some problems with them -- do you think you could discuss them first on apropriate pages?

-- RadomirDopieralski 2007-01-07

Apologies. I thought a new page might be useful to group my suggestions for 0.4 into one place. Many interact in various ways, especially the line endings. If there is consensus that this would be better served on my user page, I'll happily move it there.

What new thing am I recommending? I realize that there is not yet consensus on most of them, but as far as I can see everything on my list has been at least proposed. And I think I've discussed, or at least advanced an argument, for almost of them on the relevant talk pages.

As for problems, by all means, let's have that discussion. A big reason I'm putting my list out here is to get a sense of what we can __not__ easily reach consensus on.

-- RaphLevien 2007-01-07