We will conduct an usability test involving Creole.

The plan is as follows:

* There will be two groups of students, 26 persons each. Those are 1st year math students, will basic computer skills (they can use e-mail).
* Each group will use a separate wiki site both for getting their course materials and for doing their homework.
* The wiki sites will be identical, except they will use different parsers -- supporting two different versions of modified Creole.
* The students will not be able to see any pages created by other students (at least not without the other student's action).
* The //preview// button has been disabled, as to record as much material as possible.
* The students will only receive very brief introduction. The rest of the information is to be found on the wiki.
* The teacher will demand that the pages are well-formatted.

The differences between the two versions:
|| Group 1 || Group 2
| wiki-like line breaks | blog-like line breaks
| a space required after the bullet | no space required after the bullet
| ... | ...