This wiki was originally set up at the Wiki Markup Standard Workshop at the Wikisym 2006 in Odense, Denmark. It was used to publish the [[Goals]] that where formulated at the workshop by the [[People|participants]]. The outcome of this workshop was the first draft of creole (the first spec) called [[Creole 0.1]]. 

== Elements Discussed

These where the elements, discussed at the WMS-Workshop. All other elements where added later throught the evolution of the spec in this wiki.

* [[Lists]] - Ordered and unordered lists
* [[Bold And Italics]] - Text emphasis
* [[Headings]] 
* [[Links]] - Internal and external
* [[Paragraphs]]
* [[Linebreaks]] - How to handle linebreaks, forced line breaks...
* [[Preformatted And Nowiki]] - For inserting text with a lot of special characters, like sourcecode
* [[Placeholder]] - Markup for unsupported syntax
* [[Images]] - in-line images and in-line image links
* [[Horizontal Line]] - often used as divider in discussions -> potential conflict with dashes for lists

== External Links

*  [[]] - The official Homepage of Wikisym 06
*  [[|Markup Standard Workshop]] - Proceedings page at the Wikisym 06 Homepage
*  [Wiki Markup Standard Workshop Posters|] - The posters by the i3G Institute that where shown at the Wikimania 2006 and at the beginning of the workshop to get a first overview of markup variants...
*  [Flickr Fotoset Wikisym 06|]

== Some impressions

The posters that where used to formulate and vote for goals, the workshop itself and diner with Ward Cunningham, the inventor of Wikis.

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