Wikisym 2008 in Oporto, Portugal. We had an [[OpenSpace]] Session on Tuesday, 9. September 11.00. Subject "State of Wiki Creole".

//It has been over a year now since the WikiCreole 1.0 Spec went final. What's the state of adoption//?

== Participants

* [[Oddmuse]] - Alex Schröder 
* [[XWiki]] - Ludovic Duborst
* [[DokuWiki]] - Andreas Gor
* [[TikiWiki]] - Marc Laporte
* [[JSPWiki]] Christoph Sauer
* [[Dirk Rhile]], SAP
* [[Victor Krischenko]] is creating a Wikiwyg editor
* ... please add yourself

== Wiki Creole Adoption

* Ludovic Duborst - XWiki will support Creole 1.0 with release 1.7 of XWiki using [[WikiObject Model]]. doxia, [[]]
* Dirk Rhile - SAP Uses Wiki as OEM - SAP is pushing its suppliers to support creole. Tomorrow will have paper presentation in Wiki Technology Session...
* [[Moodle]] -> switched from Erfurtwiki to own wiki development, -> Moodle 2.0 plans to support WikiCreole
* MarkLaporte -> TikiWiki has it on its whish list, but don't want to touch the parser right now
* Christoph Sauer -> Using Creole in all Wikis accross University (30+) for over a year now, no Problems with adoption.
* Oddmuse – by default Oddmuse comes with very little markup: Paragraphs, bullet lists, and links. The installation instructions explicitly recommend installing Creole instead of any of the many other markup plugins. Oddmuse uses a mixed model, so it is possible to install both Usemod and Creole markup extensions.
* ...
* Please feel free to add your "story here" even if you didn't Attend (Idea of [[Partitioner Statements]], [[Success Stories]]

== Extention beyond Wikis: 

References of Ressources in Sourceforge?/GForge? Making use in Messaging to reference bug reports etc. Use in "JavaDoc" etc...

* [[Nyctergatis|NME]] has been used since Oct 2007 in [[|Sysquake]] for styled text and documentation.

== Collaborations beyond Creole

To developers: If you have a need for a new markup that you have already implemented, put it on WikiCreole [[Proposals]]. This way you share your Ideas with other developers and they might take up your markup as soon as they implement that feature as well (Report: Yes, we looked it first up in WikiCreole Website, if there was a markup for that features)

Question among developers: What other areas could we cooperate?

** Compatibility Effort: Syntax, Plugins, Importing/Exporting
** XML Interchange Format
** Package File format
** Authentication System (Common Auth System)
** Wordpress RSS Feed -> Importing