Here is a page to discuss an outline for the [[|Wikisym 2007 Workshop]] on Promoting Creole.  For a concise summary, please see [[News_blogentry_061107_1|our news entry]].

=== Why Use Wiki Markup? ===

* reliable
* accessibility (blind users)

=== When to use WYSIWYG? ===

* Non-technical users want them.
* Non-technical users don't want to learn markup.

=== Evaluation === 

* How many people are aware of Creole?
* How many people are using it?  50.  The WikiCreole community and their friends.

* Make a survey on
* Link to it from wikimatrix, wikipatterns, from people we meet at WikiSym, blogs, etc.

=== Testing ===

* What tests have been done for Creole?
* What can be learned from them?
* What isn't working in Creole?

Potential roadblocks are escaping and lists.  These problems could be alleviated by better communication between implementers through a mailing list, for example.

=== Implementation ===

* Formal grammars?
* Creole validator?

=== Promotional Ideas ===

* How can we elevate Creole, so clients demand it from vendors?
* Introducing Creole to W3C? - Dirk Riehle will look into that.
* Contacting influential markup developers for support. - Mark Bernstein will look into this.
* Ask for testimonials.
* Making for decision-makers
* WordPress plugin? - Chuck will look into a PHP evangelist.
* Create [[Implementation Issues]] page for implementers looking for support.

=== Relation to other markups ===

* How does WikiCreole relate, in the long run, to Markdown or Textile?

Creole is more suitable for wikis and for collaborative editing.

* In ten years, will these be interchange formats, or will we still be encoding markup?

We need converters between these lightweight markups, perhaps through a bridge markup like XML or WikiByte.

=== Promotional materials ===

* Translating [[CheatSheet]] to other languages
* [[Logo]] - Andi G will ask colleague
* Technical magazine articles
** Analysis of Survey
** Need for Creole
** Details about Design Decisions
* T-Shirts

=== User Education ===

* [[Survey]]
* Handbooks
* Online videos
* Workshops

=== Financing ===

* Who is willing to donate?
* What organization would handle the money?
* Printing t-shirts
* Paying designers
* Paying Creole developers

=== Communication ===

* Official WikiCreole mailing list 

=== Outcomes ===

* [[Survey]]
* Promotional ideas on wiki: page [[Promotion]]