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A hard line break is a line break that is saved explicitly in the text by putting in a line break character, that is not visible to human readers, but will be used by parsers. A human user inserts this invisible character when he hits return. Some software products also might insert hard line breaks when they wrap the line.
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**I am working on this page, please don't edit it until I remove this notice --[[ChristophSauer]]**
Hard wrapping software should not be used to author wiki markup, because it can put characters in text as a first character in a line. Those character then get special meaning in the wiki markup, although the author did not intend it.
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(Todo: Factor out the mystical software part of [[Hyphen List Markup Proposal]] to here, remove the "Mystical")
If you use hard wrapping software in conjunction with a wiki you should check the inserted wiki text.
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Potential problems occur with
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[[http://de.selfhtml.org/html/formulare/eingabe.htm#bereiche_umbruch. |Netscape and IE allow hard line breaks]]:
* Equal Signs (Headings)
* Number Signs (Numbered Lists)
* Asterisk (Unnumbered Lists)
* Tables (required one line for one row)
* Any text in blog-like linebreaks mode
* Lists (unless [[MultilineListItems]] are accepted)
* ...
== Software that hard wraps the line
* Outlook by default (E-Mail text get's wrapped)
* BBEdit (optional)
* TextWrangler (optional)
* ... (please add more examples here...)
Another example is the line wrapping options in text area fields for browsers (special to Netscape and IE, no HTML standard). [[http://de.selfhtml.org/html/formulare/eingabe.htm#bereiche_umbruch. |Netscape and IE allow hard line breaks like this]]:
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<p>einmal soft:<br><textarea name="soft" cols="30" rows="3" wrap="soft"></textarea></p>
<p>einmal hard:<br><textarea name="hard" cols="30" rows="3" wrap="hard"></textarea></p>
<p>einmal physical:<br><textarea name="physical" cols="30" rows="3" wrap="physical"></textarea></p>
<p>einmal virtual:<br><textarea name="virtual" cols="30" rows="3" wrap="virtual"></textarea></p>
<p>und einmal off:<br><textarea name="off" cols="30" rows="3" wrap="off"></textarea></p>
<p>soft:<br><textarea name="soft" cols="30" rows="3" wrap="soft"></textarea></p>
<p>hard:<br><textarea name="hard" cols="30" rows="3" wrap="hard"></textarea></p>
<p>physical:<br><textarea name="physical" cols="30" rows="3" wrap="physical"></textarea></p>
<p>virtual:<br><textarea name="virtual" cols="30" rows="3" wrap="virtual"></textarea></p>
<p>off:<br><textarea name="off" cols="30" rows="3" wrap="off"></textarea></p>
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Outlook does hard line breaks in emails by default
More examples:
* BBEdit
* TextWrangler
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