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-- [[JaredWilliams]] -= 2007-02-13
-- [[JaredWilliams]], 2007-02-13
Also whatever method is decided should be applied to images {{{ {{ }} }}} too, for consistency.
-- [[JaredWilliams]], 2007-02-13
Aren't we trying to be too creative here? There is already one good and generally accepted way of making links. It works, it is generally widespread, and I think we should be pretty happy about it. Ok, someone pointed out the problem with having to paste or read long urls before finishing a thought and reading the link text. We can solve that by detecting the url/description order (Although I think that this would be ideally normalized, for example by some preprocessor, before saving. Of course no such thing in Creole).
Now we have a totally new markup introduced that does nothing new. The only purpose is to make some experienced users of certain wiki engines happy. I say that experienced wiki users are pretty familiar with the idea of wiki syntax and can adapt easily -- let's not carry over this division to the new generation of wikizens.
I have also a **huge** problem with this proposal. There are 3 advantages listed for this newly introduced markup:
* **There exists one wiki engine that uses it.** How is that an advantage? There exist hundreds of wiki engines that don't use it.
* **Works better with international keyboards.** How does it work better? Sorry, but I fail to see it. Can someone demonstrate it?
* **The order of link and secription is indicated in the markup.** I don't see it how it's obvious that the arrow should point from the description to the link and not the other way around. This had to be learned too. And this is no different than just learning what comes first, because the variant with the arrow pointing in the opposite direction is frowned upon.
Honestly, I can't see how a proposal with such poor argumentation got into Creole 0.5.
-- RadomirDopieralski, 2007-02-14
Can we narrow the proposal to a single concrete syntax now, and list the advantages properly, possibly taken from this discussion?
Personally I'd see this as a Creole addition, to be used where there is demand for this kind of feature. But that's just me.
-- RadomirDopieralski, 2007-02-14
That's ok for me, but don't call all of this poor argumentation - it's unfair and I disagree. I don't necessarily want to have it in a Creole 1.0, but defenetely I would like to see something like this as a implementation addition (or //addition reccomendation//) now, and in the core in later versions.
-- ChristophSauer, 2007-02-14
I'm sorry, I was hoping to provoke refactoring ;)
But you are right, this is not poor argumentation, just the real arguments that are present in this discussion are not summarized on the proposal page. Please accept my apologies for the aggressive behavior.
-- RadomirDopieralski, 2007-02-14
I really thought you where serious. apologies accepted :)
-- ChristophSauer, 2007-02-15.
Since some people complain about their difficulties in entering square brackets for links, why not to change this extension to use parenthesis?
I'm not convinced Creole needs an alternative syntax for links... but it would make life a bit easier for someone.
((a link to -> another page))
-- [[Michele Tomaiuolo]], 2007-03-01
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