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I finished off the JavaScript implementation up to 1.0 version, having grabbed it before the host went down. Cleaned up the code, by the way. You may get it from here: [[http://www.ivan.fomichev.name/2008/04/javascript-creole-10-wiki-markup-parser.html|JavaScript Creole 1.0 Wiki Markup Parser]].
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-- [[IvanFomichev]], 2008-04-25
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==Can't add engines to locked pages...==
Maybe you'll add it for me, and change the page text to give an alternative path for adding new engines in future. [Virtuoso Universal Server|http://virtuoso.openlinksw.com/wiki/main/Main/VOSIndex] powers the [OpenLink Data Spaces|http://virtuoso.openlinksw.com/wiki/main/Main/OdsIndex], among which you will find the [ODS Wiki|http://virtuoso.openlinksw.com/dataspace/dav/wiki/Main/OdsWiki]. I think the latter would be the engine by your definitions, but that may be open to discussion....
-- [[MacTed]], 2008-Mar-18
Hi Ted, I unlocked the page again, I was just waiting for one reasonable entry like this.
-- [[ChristophSauer]], 2008-Mrz-19 08:24 (CET)
Hi, I think the page is still locked? Can we introduce a new section, which is just listing parser implementations? I am mainly interested in getting only the parser and not a complete wiki:
Language: Python
* [http://oink.sheep.art.pl/WikiCreole%20parser%20in%20python]
* [http://creoleparser.googlepages.com/] (needs Genshi)
-- m.oschen, 2008-May-13 16:05 (CET)
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