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I have collected some input, looked at some markups that use escape characters (Markdown and [re]structuredtext), written down the common problems with escape characters, and here is what I came up with:
* Scope
** Escape character should have very simple scope rules.
** Escaping should only affect a single character appearing immediately after the escape character.
** Thus escape character is unsuitable for escaping WikiWords, and a separate rule must be introduced for it if the wiki adds WikiWords to Creole. This rule may reuse the escape character, but would be probably better to use the "standard" exclamation mark.
** Escape character should **not** work inside preformatted blocks, because that would require escaping all the escape characters in any pasted code. There is already [[Add No Wiki Escape Proposal]] that works fine inside preformatted blocks.
** Whether it should work inside nowiki spans or not is disputable. On one hand, the same argument as for preformatted blocks works here. On the other hand, the "greedy nowiki" rule doesn't handle one special case. I think we should discuss this.
** Escape character should at least work with all the characters that are used for markup -- and no matter whether they are really part of a markup sequence or not. To simplify the rule, we can say "all non-alphanumeric characters". To simplify it even more, we can include all characters.
* Mechanics
** The escape character itself is not rendered.
** The character immediately following an escape character is rendered as is and is never considered part of wiki markup.
** Newlines immediately following an escape character are rendered as forced line breaks.
** To have the escape character rendered literally, escape it -- that is, use double escape character.
** Escape character is never part of any other markup -- like signatures (tilde) or forced line breaks (backslash), even tripled, quadrupled, etc.
Now, this leaves some room for decissions, the important ones being whether to honor it in nowiki, whether to include alphanumerics and which character to use -- tilde or backslash. All of these have their consequences, some desired and some not. Note, that if we decide to use backslash, we have to give up the current "forced new line" markup -- although we are getting another markup for forced new lines for free anyways.
Do these rules make sense to you? What do you think?
-- [[Radomir Dopieralski]], 2007-Apr-28
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