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But I wanted it to be rendered as " ... https://www.wikicreole.org is one of them// "
(note that the only difference with what I wrote above is that the closing italic tag is now
on the same line, so the parser understands I didn't want a link but italic).
I know the engine can't guess what I mean. For me, the best solution would be that
URLs aren't converted automagically to links. Since implementers are free to support
more things than what's in Creole, they're free to autoconvert what they want, including
smileys, copyright signs, signatures, etc. But what about developers who
want a well-defined behavior, simple to describe and to understand? If Creole is
ambiguous and requires too much ad hoc processing to guess what the user means,
they won't use it.
-- [[YvesPiguet]], 2007-Feb-28
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