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Who exactly is the "we" who would like to keep the dog? :)
But seriously, it's a nice mascot, and certainly can be used in various promotional materials and together with the logo (as, for example, at the top of this page), but I think it's definitely too complicated for a real good logo/logotype. We need something that can be put in a colophon or on a button and be immediately distinctive... So, I'd opt for making the dog optional :)
-- [[Radomir Dopieralski]], 2007-Mar-22
Ok it's Me right now, sorry for beeing bold this way, but I had to make a starter :) Yes, the dog should be optional, but that's what I think is good in the current design - the ball/globe could be the actual logo - dog would be optional.
-- [[Christoph Sauer]], 2007-Mar-22
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