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//It doesn't matter: MediaWiki will not implement Creole in MixedMode, see ImagesReasoning#Collisions with MediaWikis Template Format.//
We know. It started as an answer to Chuck's "worries". It's totally obvious to me that Mediawiki won't include Creole's list markup in its main engine.
//I don't think so: We are not creating Creole for your particular software, but for all Wiki engines out there, or to be more exact, for the users that author them.//
That's something I'd understood and accepted, thank you.
//Our mission is to create a common wiki markup for the wiki ohana. Engine developers will not dump their proven markup, just because we think that we know it better.//
That's nevertheless something clearly stated in [[Implementation]]: "gradual alignment - improve bad syntax from your markup with more user-friendly syntax from Creole".
//That's why it is called CREOLE. Your aims are obviously incompatible with the aims of creole.//
It isn't that obvious. My aims for Creole are its success. I've advocated features I don't need because they're used in millions of wiki pages, such as indented paragraphs. I've implemented (optional) wikiwords, automatic URL conversion to links, interwikis and images, even if I don't like or need them. I've released NME as open source because I've been asked to. I don't regret any of that, but please consider it before making a final jugement on my motivations.
-- [[YvesPiguet]], 2007-Apr-29
Again, I am sorry Yves. I really appreciate your engagement and your judgment. The fact that tests show that your implementation is the best out there so far, pleas keep the faith. I didn't thank you for that analysis, I do it now. I didn't know that the French Wikipedia is using hyphens at the beginning that much. I am ready to give up on the [[HyphenListMarkupProposal]] to reach a consensus, see [[Talk]]. Thanks Yves.
-- [[ChristophSauer]], 2007-04-30
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