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* allow "}" at the end of nowiki and preformatted blocks;
What do you mean by that?
* define three kinds of emphasis, but don't define their presentation;
I strongly disagree with this as Creole already just proposes a recommendation of their XHTML. The final presentation is left up to the wiki developer and admin. Also, the casual user has no clue about presentation and semantics. They just know that they want to italicize their text or boldface their text.
-- ChuckSmith, 2007-01-09
Ok, I removed the point about emphasis (we can discuss it further on ChangeItalicsMarkupProposal and/or WikiMarkupHasPresentationFlavor).
The point about "}" is actually pretty technical -- it's to interpret {{{{{{...~}}}~}}}}}} as {{{<nowiki>...~}}}</nowiki>}}} rather than {{{<nowiki>...</nowiki>~}}}}}} (whatever representation for nowiki is chosen) and similar with the <pre>.
-- RadomirDopieralski, 2007-01-09
I think this should go into an escape character discussion, since that discussion got so complicated I couldn't even follow it anymore. I don't even want to think about the casual user understanding it.
-- [ChuckSmith], 2007-Jan-10
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