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There's another problem we have with the CreolePageFilter: Since the underlying markup does not separate monospaced and nowiki (nowiki will always be monospaced in JSPWiki), we cannot implement a nowiki that is not monospaced without changing the native engine parser. I wonder how many other engines/implementations would have this problem. JSPWiki however has a markup for monospaced, therefore a compromise would be to not specify if nowiki is monospaced or not, then it would be no problem for us to implement it like this: ##only monospaced with a link [[ABC]]##. Janne, what do you think? But that is just JSPWiki of course...
-- [[ChristophSauer]], 2007-05-03
You can output just plain text without any markup, except for special characters which must
be escaped with a tilde if my understanding of JSPWiki is correct. That's where a robust escape
mechanism is useful: you implement the converter once and for all (escaping all characters
which might end up in markup), you don't have to track future changes in the list of markup.
-- [[YvesPiguet]], 2007-May-03
Oh, I don't really care. Monospaced is really presentation, and nowiki is functional - in fact, the JSPWiki nowiki just happens to render monospaced 'cos that's what people expect, and there's separate markup for monospaced-but-not-nowiki. It's just a matter of small tweaking of the HTML and the CSS that the engine outputs...
Just to confuse things a bit further: JSPWiki does //three// kinds of markup: (block, nowiki), (inline, nowiki), (inline, wiki). Look at the source code of the following examples:
This is block, nowiki. __foo__ //bar//, rendered with a <pre>
{{{ This is inline, nowiki. __foo__ //bar//, rendered with a <span> }}}
And, if there was a regular rendering engine, the following example would appear as (inline, wiki):
{{ This is inline, wiki. __foo__ //bar//, rendered with a <tt> }}
Maybe it would be useful to really distinguish between these four cases (and maybe add support for (block, wiki), something typically done with a <blockquote>).
-- [[JanneJalkanen]]
Ok, just spoke with an enduser and they don't know what monospaced means, and they don't care because they don't know what ascii art is either. It would make life easier when writing addresses for them: You don't need the akward linebreak syntax all the time, I just fear that they will then put a nowikiblock over the whole article, just for the sake of linebreak as linebreak ;-). So having a separate markup for nowiki, and one for monospaced would make sense, as long as one can combine the both. Hope everyone will help me to convert the creole markup examples in the over 400 pages in this wiki from {{{ {{{XXX~}}} }}} to {{{##{{{XXX~}}}##}}} then ;-) -- The question is indeed how people can convert their pages in wikis where there was no separation so far?
-- [[ChristophSauer]], 2007-05-04
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