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I strongly disagree that superscript/subscript are a case for MathML etc. Of course, it depends where you come from, but for contents in engineering and science, superscript and subscript is essential. This is historical of course: typewriters could do it, printing could do it cheaply, so people have defined terms where superscript and subscript are semantic, NOT a formatting issue. Example m-super-2 may be square meter, m-sub-2 may be a variable name. Loosing semantics when trying to write a text in a wiki makes people go away. That is my experience from user feedback.
-- [[GregorHagedorn]] - 2007-02-25
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I strongly disagree that this is a case for MathML etc., compare text for superscript above.
-- [[GregorHagedorn]] - 2007-02-25
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I'd like to just note that the use of "{{{,,}}}" for subscript conflicts with the notation for „polish quotes” (and not only polish, I think, but I'm not sure), which are commonly written as {{{,,}}}polish quotes{{{''}}} when there are no appropriate characters available (and no, the "DOUBLE LOW-9 QUOTATION MARK" character doesn't appear on polish keyboards. I know that it's just 40 000 000 users, but it would be extremely great if they could be taken into consideration :)
-- [[Radomir Dopieralski]], 2007-Feb-07
You actually type a double comma to get a beginning quote mark?
-- [[Chuck Smith]], 2007-Mar-07
On typewriter or in LaTeX -- yes.
-- [[Radomir Dopieralski]], 2007-Mar-07
But, do Polish writers still typically type a beginning quote mark with two commas? German also uses a double quote that opens at the bottom of a line. However, it seems like most people type these quotes using regular quote marks today.
-- [[Chuck Smith]], 2007-Mar-07
I don't personally know any polish writer, so it's hard to tell for me, but MS Word (and OpenOffice, AbiWord, etc.) will translate "foo" into „foo” (or, in case of MS Word, their own variants of quotation characters present only in Microsoft's own encodings and fonts and not in Unicode). The documents typed on typewriter that I have access to use ",," for the opening quote. I've never seen it in an e-mail or a text document though -- everyone seem to use "foo".
There is, however extinct, a tradition for using this kind of markup, and it would collide with this pretty rare formatting -- subscript. So there is this little disadvantage of choosing this markup. Nothing critical, just additional thing to consider.
By the way, how about LaTeX-compatible {{{^{superscript~} }}} and {{{_{subscript~} }}}?
-- [[Radomir Dopieralski]], 2007-Feb-07
What about them? Almost all wikis now either use a caret ^ for superscript and either a tilde ~ or double comma ,, for subscript.
-- [[Chuck Smith]], 2007-Feb-07
Can we mark this page as obsolete, or fix it to avoid conflicts with [[Creole 1.0]] and agree with [[Additions]]?
-- [[YvesPiguet]], 2007-Oct-17
It is, however, accurate to say that this proposal was accepted in Additions, right?
-- [[ChuckSmith]], 2007-Oct-18
Yes. The issue I see is with double-tilde, which is defined in core Creole as an escaped tilde. That's why I've removed it in [[Additions]] (I've been bold, not sure if Wikipedia rules apply here...). If we just say that the Superscript And Subscript proposal has been accepted, the reader might think that it accurately describes the current addition; so I think we should either make them agree or add a warning.
-- [[YvesPiguet]], 2007-Oct-18
I would think the reader would understand it may not be accepted verbatim. However, if you think it needs one, feel free to add one. My favorite WP rule is "Be bold". :)
-- [[ChuckSmith]], 2007-Oct-18
Ok, done.
-- [[YvesPiguet]], 2007-Oct-18
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