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This is a very fine grained classification of users. There should be a more general classification that makes it easier to refer to one of them if we talk about target users in discussions. The general classification here is [[End Users]] vs. [[Technical Persons]] I think. Does anyone have a better term for both groups?
This is a very fine grained classification of users. See [EndUsers] for a more general view, that is easier to refer to.
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Here's another classification from this [[http://www.economist.com/displaystory.cfm?story_id=3307363|Economist Survey]] I found very useful:
UBS's Mr Coburn adds a demographic observation.
* __analogues__ - Today, he says, some 70% of the world's population are "analogues", who are "terrified by technology", and for whom the pain of technology "is not just the time it takes to figure out new gadgets but the pain of feeling stupid at each moment along the way"
* __digital immigrants__ - Another 15% are "digital immigrants", typically thirty-somethings who adopted technology as young adults;
* __digital natives__ - and the other 15% are "digital natives", teenagers and young adults who have never known and cannot imagine life without IM (instant messaging, in case you are an analogue)
--ChristophSauer, 2007-02-28.
--[[Christoph Sauer]], 2007-03-27
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