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==Aims and Objectives of Creole==
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This creole specification is intended to be read by those developing applications using markup to format text.

===General Aims===

The aim of Creole is to mark up text so as to differentiate between sections, ascribing additional properties such as emphasis or marking as a heading to allow the application to convey this information through its own choice of formatting. 

More specifically:

#to specify generic **relative**text formatting for free-flowing text providing the common elements used for headings, emphasis and notes,  (i.e. leaving the actual choiceof font, actual, rather than relative, size, position on page margins,etc. to the implementation)
#to create a markup specification useable across a range of applications
#to create a markup useable across the range of different languages without a requirement to know English
#to develop a logical and consistent syntax which is as intuitive as practical
#to allow simple inline links: intra-page, intra-application and internet
#to allow simple inline inclusion of images
#to specify the bare minimum text layout formatting allowing  paragraphs, newlines, lists, indents, and tables
#to include provision for common text formatting including, levels of headings, codeblocks, horizontal lines, quotations, references and signatures
#to make provision for application specific extensions 

===Creole Environment===
Creole describes the manner of display rather than the output to display. It takes raw text and describes how this will affect the characters shown to the user. In a typical environment such as the internet, the application will need to translate some characters to avoid conflict with e.g. HTML. Whilst creole is intended to work with HTML, the specification does not cover how creole will be translated for any particular use.