There are two possible approaches to definining syntax of links with descriptions -- they differ in the order in which the address and the link description appear in the raw text of the page. Both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages -- in the end the preferences depend heavily on personal habits and style -- thus there is a number of wiki engines with one or the other approach. This is veru unfortunate for Creole, because no matter which option we choose, we make implementing the [MixedMode] in some engines impossible.

Initially, we have chosen to follow the voice of the majority, and choose the way of the UseMod wiki, with the address first and description last. The reason is simple -- many wikis based their markup on the UseMod's rules. There is, however, a number of text markup standards that use opposite order -- most notably CrossMark.

There is however a third way -- introducing own link markup format, that wouldn't conflict with markups of existing wikis.