I led the WikiSym workshop and am a [[http://video.google.de/videoplay?docid=6572941025419743765|cat herder]] of Creole along with [Christoph Sauer], [Janne Jalkanen] and [Ward Cunningham]. I work for the [i3g Institute|http://www.i3g.hs-heilbronn.de] of the Hochschule Heilbronn.  I am also the founder of the Esperanto Wikipedia and the head developer of the [WikiWizard|http://www.wikiwizard.net/].  On the side, I also run an [[http://www.eklaboru.com/|Esperanto job site]] and an [[http://www.amikumu.com/|Esperanto social networking site]].

I would most like to see WikiCreole implemented in [JSPWiki], [MediaWiki] and [TracWiki] since I work with those wiki engines the most and it is always confusing to switch back and forth between different syntaxes.

In art, food and society you have diversity, in science and technology you have incompatibility.  --[[http://ask.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=216652&cid=17593280|donscarletti on slashdot]]

!!Contact Info

I can be reached by email: csmith (at) hs-heilbronn.de

I can also be reached using the following IM clients:

* Google Talk: chuckssmith (at) gmail.com
* Skype: amuzulo

Telephone: +49 7131 504 474