There can be several kinds of collisions in the markup:

__Collision with content text__ is when you type something, intending it to be displayed as is, but it's being interpreted as part of the markup and interpreted accordingly. when this happens, you have to [EscapeMarkup].

__Collision with existing markup__ of the wiki in which [Creole] is being used. This is when both the original wiki markup and [Creole] use the same construct to mean different things. There are several solutions to this, usually involving disabling this feature either in [Creole] or in the original markup.

It's impossible to be [CollisionFree] with each and every wiki markup out there, but care should be taken to avoid the collisions whenever possible.

__Collision with tradition and habits__ is when some construct is used in unintuitive way, against the rules popular in this context. This is unacceptable.