There is a growing need for basic converters (libraries) to convert Creole to XHTML in different programming languages.  If you have written such a converter, please add it below. Ideally it can easily be imported and called with a single function, that will take Creole and spit out valid html/xhtml.

Does such a thing exist?  Maybe someone is near completion and just hasn't added it to the wiki?

//When adding a converter it would be helpful to note the license.  GPL converters generally can **not** be used in non-GPL programs.//

== Compiler Compiler

* [[EBNF Grammar for Creole 1.0]] for use with ANTLR

== C 

* [[Nyctergatis|Nyctergatis Markup Engine]] (NME), a C library with optional C++ glue (open-source, BSD license).

== C# 

== ColdFusion 

== Common Lisp 

== Delphi

* [[|DICreole]], a Creole 1.0 converter for Borland / ~CodeGear Delphi. Based on [[Nyctergatis|NME]], fully integrated, no external nor DLL files needed. Includes help and demo project. Freeware, BSD license.

== Haskell

== Java

* [[Java]]

== JavaScript

* A prototype Javascript Creole 0.4 parser can be found at [MeatballSociety:Creole/0.4|]
* [[|Codeholic's Codex]] Javascript Creole 1.0 wiki markup parser

== Lua

== Perl

* [[TextWikiCreole | Text::WikiCreole]] (Complete 1.0 plus extensions, plugins, etc)

== PHP
* [[ | Text_Wiki_Creole on]]

== Python
* You may want to take a look at [[|Markdown in Python]] if you're considering doing this.  Maybe you could use some of the code as a basis to speed up development.
* You can use the creole parser from MoinMoin 1.7 is now bundled separately, available at [[| parser in python]]
* [[|Creoleparser]] - built from scratch just for Creole :) MIT license [Sandbox|] 

== Ruby
* [[ | Ruby Converter]] from Gordon McCreight

== Why the languages above?

There exists a Markdown converter for eleven of the languages above.  ( Sure, some of the languages are less important than others, but if we had all eleven languages we'd be as broad platform as Markdown.