Adam works in office, in a large corporation that adopted a wiki recently for internal use. He never really used a wiki before, and he doesn't care about it much.

Adam's boss tells him to put all his reports on the wiki. Adam finds it an additional work and he wants to have it done as fast as possible. He will usually just write the report in Word, as he always did, and either paste it on the wiki page or attach as a file. Sometimes he will copy bits and peices of e-mails to make a wiki page.

Since it's a corporate wiki, Adam is only allowed to access a limited number of pages. He doesn't care about the recent changes. He gets all the important announcements by e-mail, with links to the wiki if needed.

Sometimes he will have to put his name or correct a few lines of text on an a "collaborative" page. Apart from this, he is never exposed to any  sophisticated wiki markup.

He never interlinks pages, he doesn't even know that you can link to existing pages -- he only puts links on his pages when he wants to create a new page.