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Unnumbered List Markup: (- or *)#

Character should be -, Accept HyphenListMarkupProposal#

Character should be *, don't specify space after bullet #

Remark: This will set back the spec on this element to 0.5

Is indifferent about * or ~#

  • ChuckSmith: while I think the hyphen is easier to read, it will be much easier to implement Creole in existing wikis if the star is used, since practically all wikis have it, so for me it's a toss-up, although I do feel responsible for not implementing the hyphen as the WikiSym workshop had recommended

Accept Escape character as core element (Y or N)?#

Escape character should be core#

Escape character should be addition#

  • Having the character specified, but optional, makes most sense to me, as it mainly applies to wikis that recognize raw (unbracketed) wiki words. AxelRauschmayer
  • I think some developers would be willing to put the work to make it parsable without the escape character, but the escape character throws in too many potential problems. I think it should be optional. As for not being able to write the spec without it, one could you the space or tilde just before the closing curly braces. This is the only escape character that is truly required imho. ChuckSmith

Escape character (or \)?#

Escape character should be ~#

Escape character should be \#

What is escaped by escape character#

Escape character should escape a single character#

Escape character should escape whole Creole markup sequences#

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