Creole is a common wiki markup language to be used across different Wikis. It's not replacing existing markup but instead enabling wiki users to transfer content seamlessly across wikis, and for novice users to contribute more easily.

== In scope ==
These things are part of the Creole specification:

* Common markup that works in all Creole-enabled wikis,
* markup serving as a base for wiki developers creating new wiki markups,
* formatting of the page source,
* Implementation issues for developers
* Usability issues for endusers

== Outside the scope ==
These are (some) things we should not specify or should not be discussed here:

* The wiki process, the way the users use the wiki,
* the writing style,
* any additional markup that the wiki uses,
* page naming conventions,
* the format of URLs,
* the features that the wiki engine offers,
* any preprocessing of the page sources,
* the exact rendering and/or presentation of rendered pages,
* forbidding any markup or extensions,
* rendering of invalid markup.
* if markup is good or bad (the markup vs. WYSIWYG case)