Here is the current state of wiki engines involved in the Creole project. There's a distinction between a wiki and the software the wiki is using. The wiki software is often referred to as a ''wiki engine'' whereas a wiki is a community website using a certain engine. For wiki communities where you already can use Creole see [[WikisSupportingCreole]]

== Supporting

=== Engines supporting
Engines that already support Creole. Please add links to Sandboxes for those wikis where we can try out the creole markup.
* [[Oddmuse]] - supports [[Creole 1.0]], [Sandbox|]
* [[MoinMoin]] - supports [[Creole 1.0]] in 1.6.0 release (and as plugin for moin 1.5.x also)
* [[DokuWiki]] - supports [[Creole 0.1]] through a Plugin, [Sandbox|]
* [TiddlyWiki] - supports [[Creole 0.1]] through a Plugin, see
* [[JSPWiki]] - supports [[Creole 0.6]] - [Sandbox|]
* [[Ghestalt]] - supports most of 0.4, with some variations - [Sandbox|] (not working 15-Oct-2007)
* [[PmWiki]] - supports 0.4 as an option - [Sandbox|]
* [[PodWiki]] - supports [[Creole 0.3]] - [DemoPage + Sandbox|] through [Format Module|]
* [[Nyctergatis]] Markup Engine (NME), an open-source C library - supports 1.0 and many additions - [Sandbox|]
* [[NotesWiki]] - supports [[Creole 0.3]]
* [[PageOfText]] and [[PageOfCreole]] use the same engine - supports 1.0 - [Sandbox|].  ~PageOfCreole defaults to creole markup.

* [[|ODS Wiki]] -  [[|Virtuoso Universal Server]] powers the [[|OpenLink Data Spaces]], among which you will find the ODS Wiki. (Please add a Sandbox!)
* [[|XWiki]] implements the Wiki Creole 1.0 syntax as an additional syntax experimentaly in XWiki Enterprise 1.6M1. It will have full implementation in XWiki 1.6 Enterprise - [Sandbox|]. XWiki uses [|WikiModel] as the WikiCreole parser.

=== Engines partially supporting
* [[GeekiGeeki]] - supports 1.0, with some variations and missing features
* [[TracWiki]] - [[Creole 0.3]] through a [[|patch]] (currently only supports bold, italics and links)

''Add your engine above if it supports or partially supports Creole.''

=== Parsers

Parsers, not associated with a special wiki engine

Languages: C

Language: Java
* [[T4 WikiParser]] is a Creole 1.0 parser written in Java. [[|Sandbox]].

Languages: Javascript
* A prototype Javascript Creole 0.4 parser can be found at [MeatballSociety:Creole/0.4|]

Languages: Perl
* [[Text Wiki Creole | Text::WikiCreole]] - supports [[Creole 1.0]] parser written in Perl

Language: Python
* []
* [] (needs Genshi) [Sandbox|]

=== Tools supporting
Tools that already support Creole.  Please add links to Sandboxes for those wikis, where we can try out the creole markup.
* [[PEAR Text_Wiki Package]] supports [[Creole 1.0]], [Sandbox|]
* [Drupal] (Content Management System) through the [PEAR wiki filter|] which uses the [PEAR Text_Wiki Package]
* Syntax file for vim: [[]]
* [[WikiModel]] - supports [[Creole 0.6]]

== Planning

=== Engines planning

* [[C2]] (Ward's Wiki, the first wiki)
* [[PurpleWiki]]
* [[TWiki]]
* [[SnipSnap]] uses [Radeox]
* [[InfiniteMonkey]]
* [[MeatballWiki]]
* [[Midgard Wiki]]
* [[Wikka Wiki]] - not yet planning to support Creole in forthcoming releases, but following this discussion with interest and hope to be able to integrate Creole in a later version
* [[XWiki]] uses [[Radeox]]
* [[PhpWiki]]
* [[WikiOnAStick]] - partially supports some syntax and XHTML rendering of syntax
* [[Liferay Portal 5.0]]
* [[TikiWiki CMS-Groupware]] (on wish list)

''Add your engine above, if you plan to implement Creole.''

=== Tools planning
* [[Radeox]]
* [[WikiToolkit]]
* [[WikiWizard]]

''Add your tool above, if you plan to implement Creole.''

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* [[Wiki Popularity]].
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