This part of the wiki is intended to document the reasons behind choosing particular markup for [Creole], as well as to allow discussion of particular choices and propositions. These practices where derived from the [Goals] and the experiences implementers and users of Creole made.

[Creole] covers markup for some [CommonTextElements]. The markup should be [EasyToLearn] and [EasyToTeach], as well as [FastToType] and should use [ReadableMarkup] which is [NonDestructive]. It should cover the [[CommonThingsPeopleNeed]].

The special role of common markup requires it to be [ExtensibleByOmission], [NotNew] and [CollisionFree] with markup used commonly on wikis. A markup should not be designed around [[EdgeCases]].

The [InternationalizationConcerns] require it to [AvoidTextTags] and [AvoidSpecialCharacters].

Because we want [Creole] to be widely adopted, we need to make it easy to parse using [CommonWikiParsingTechniques], and also easy to explain, preferably using a prepared simple [CheatSheet]. The both goals ''easy to explain'' and ''easy to parse'' sometimes contradict each other. It is generally good practice for developers to listen to their users and [MakeTheMachineWorkHarder] in that case. On the [Ambiguities] page we collect possible markup colissions and strategies to handle them.

There are [HintsOnExtending] that are supposed to help adding non-standard features to Creole when needed.