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Wikipedia:Keyboard_layout has images of keyboard layouts from different countries.

http://www.microsoft.com/globaldev/reference/keyboards.mspx can display different keayboard layouts.

Also see OLPC keyboards.


All special markup is easily available.


All proposed wikicreole markup characters are visible on UK keyboards; accessible either by single key press or Shift+ key press.


The backslash (\), pipe (|), square brackets (), curly braces ({}) and single quotation mark (') require pressing an additional function key on polish(214) keyboard. The more popular polish (programmers) keyboard layout is practically identical to the US layout.


Nearly all markup needs an additional key, either Shift+key or AltGr+key. But at least all the symbols are visible on the keyboard.


All proposed markups are available. Most markups need an additional key (AltGr+key). Some of them (the potential ^ and ~) must be pressed twice since they are considered as modifiers for other letters.

FR-ca, EN-ca (Canadian multilingual)#

The Canadian French keyboard comes in several flavors. Nevertheless, all proposed markups are available. Some markups need an additional key (Shift+key or AltGr+key). Some of them (depending on the chosen layout) must be pressed twice since they are considered as modifiers for other letters. There is a problem however from French Canadians purchasing US-English keyboards (most of them are outside of the province of Quebec). If they change their layout for a French Canadian one, important markups (like square brackets ([]), greater/lesser-than (<>), slash (/), curly braces ({})) are not at their respective places anymore. These people must switch back and forth between two layouts.

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