We would like to improve our logo. Unfortunately most people here are no designers. If you know people who would like to help us create a better logo, please invite them to here.

Some thoughts
* In case we keep the dog as a mascot: he's symbolizing the users best friend ;) (and that this here is a friendly place)
** [[http://www.ecyrd.com/ButtUgly/wiki/Main_blogentry_090805_1|his name is viki]]
** Here's the original picture [http://helmetti.oikosulku.net/nt/images/viki.jpg]
** Dog is optional for the logo, logo should be very basic and easy to put on buttons etc...

* But the gray //W// within the ball/circly should be replaced with something more colorful..
** a globe? - we are heading for a wikiwiki world :-)
** a colored cycle, like a wheel of fortune or a [[http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bild:Trivialpursuit_Token.jpg|Trivialpursuit token]] - different colors represent different engines, merging through creole
** different colors merge like in a colorful [[http://www.australianweddingcompany.com.au/images/roundpop_480.jpg|lollipop]]?


{{http://www.kaffeehaus.ch/viki.jpg|Viki playing with globe by esther}}

* Mabe we derive the logo from [[Ohana:LogoIdeas]]?
* Maybe from the [[http://www.aboutus.org/index.php?title=UniversalWikiEditButton|Universal Wiki Edit Button]]?
For example derive it from this one? {{http://images.aboutus.org/images/7/7f/EditButton_Pencil.png||[-]}}

Combining it somehow with original C2 logo? {{http://c2.com/sig/wiki.gif||[-]}} (as background?)

I think this is a promising approach. Maybe something like this: {{http://www.kaffeehaus.ch/creole.jpg|universal edit button combined with original C2 logo by esther}} or a variation with a globe: {{http://www.kaffeehaus.ch/globe.jpg|universal edit button combined with globe by esther}}

{{http://sheep.art.pl/misc/creole-logo-1.png|three C-like designs}}

These are my sketches of a nib-like stylised C.
* Tony Spaeth's website [[http://www.identityworks.com/tools/components_of_identity.htm|Identity Works]] has lots of good advice on developing an identity.