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Presentations at Wikimania in Taipei and Strategy for MediaWiki#

News_blogentry_160807_1/Explaining Creole at Wikimania
News_blogentry_160807_1/Explaining Creole at Wikimania
We presented WikiCreole and its practical applications - the future of wiki interaction at Wikimania 2007 on 05-Aug-2007. Creole was also a hot topic during a panel discussion on The Future of Wikis with Ward Cunningham, Jack Herrick, James Forrester, Dirk Riehle and Erik Möller. We had a poster presentation and passed out 200 handouts as well as giving a lecture. You can see both sides of our handout at CheatSheet/whatcreole.pdf(info) and CheatSheet/wikicreole1.pdf(info).

Our current strategy with regards to MediaWiki is not to focus on Wikipedia, but rather to find a developer to implement an alternative parser, so that those starting new wikis using MediaWiki can choose whether they wish to run their new wiki using traditional MediaWiki markup or Creole.

Jim R. Wilson stated his thoughts on Wikitech-L about the possible ease of implementing Creole in MediaWiki due to the PEAR Text_Wiki Package: "I'm not an expert on PEAR, so I can't be sure if this would be an acceptable engine, but if it is - then the project would appear to be a simple plumbing job at this point."

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