!! Placeholder / Native Markup Block

This would display to a user to show that something like a table (advanced unsupported syntax) could not be rendered, so a user could move it around, but not edit it.
(Optional for wiki developers.)


Deprecated: [Memento]


In MediaWiki markup taken from the source of [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia]:

<!-- Vandalism to this page will be reverted in seconds, and may even result in a block. Consider helping. -->   
<!-- Editors, please note that the "Language editions" subsection of this page is currently (as of March 2006) linked from the Main Page "languages" section. The link used on the Main Page is [[Wikipedia:Wikipedia#Language editions]]. If the name of the subsection is changed, please ask an admin to update the link at Template:Wikipedialang. Thanks.   
-->{{Infobox Website   
| name = [[Image:Wikipedia-favicon.png|16px|favicon of Wikipedia]] Wikipedia   
| logo = [[Image:Wikipedia-logo.png|48px|Wikipedia logo.]]   
| screenshot = [[Image:Www.wikipedia.org screenshot.png|280px|Detail of Wikipedia's multilingual portal. Here, the project's largest language editions are shown.]]   
| url = http://www.wikipedia.org/   
| commercial = No   
| location = [[Miami, Florida]]   
| type = [[Internet encyclopedia project]] 
| language = [[#Language editions|multi-lingual]] (171 active editions)
| registration = Optional   
| owner = [[Wikimedia Foundation]]   
| author = [[Jimmy Wales]] and [[Larry Sanger]]

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