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Have you heard about the software that can convert between several different markup formats, called Pandoc http://sophos.berkeley.edu/macfarlane/pandoc/ ? Is there a page here (or on some other more appropriate wiki) that discusses html-to-wiki-syntax and wiki-a-to-wiki-b-syntax translation? -- anonymous

No, theres no page yet, but what about WikiToHTMLTranslation thanks for the link. Radeox does this as well.

-- ChristophSauer, 2007-Okt-16 09:23 (CEST)

Hi Christoph,

I was hoping that, despite the wikicreole wiki being closed to outside modification, I might be able to sneak my converter into the "converters" page. I think of that page as the defacto listing of Creole 1.0 converters, and referred to it a week ago when I was looking for a Ruby Creole converter. Given that there wasn't one listed, and a google search only turned up two partially implemented ones, I decided to port the Perl one, which is excellent, to Ruby.

My converter is now complete and can be easily installed as a Ruby gem by doing: gem install WikiCreole (Just wanted to let you know I'm not wasting your time by asking you add a link to a project which will not actually ship)

The URL to the project is:

Thanks Christophe Cheers - Gordon

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