"Any markup except for images within a link will not be parsed."

IMO this kind of statements are against the [[Extensible By Omission]] goal.

Can we rephrase it as:

"At least images inside links must be supported. Parsing other markup within a link is not required (optional)."

-- MicheleTomaiuolo, 2007-02-06

Then, for consistency's sake, we need something similar for headings and tables, right?

-- RadomirDopieralski, 2007-02-06


-- ChuckSmith, 2007-Feb-07

Yes, Radomir, that's the idea. To be extensible Creole should only specify which markup is expected to be parsed, omitting the rest.

In headings, we have:

"No markup is parsed within headings."

I think we agree that, in this case, parsing is not actually prohibited, but users should not rely on it. Creole specs just don't require or suppose it.

If my understanding is correct, we should use some other form to express this. Probably we should remove these constraints altogether and, instead, explicitly say which elements //must// be allowed inside which other elements (as a minimum).

Users could and should rely on this minimum when they don't know a particular wiki dialect. Engines (languages) can extend freely.

-- MicheleTomaiuolo, 2007-02-07


Regarding **Links**: I have three points

1. Can Wiki page names inside the brackets be written with spaces being stripped (as it works in this wiki here), is this prohibitied, or is this left to the engine? 

2. The sequence of display text and page name (page name coming first) makes text difficult to read, has this been discussed? Perhaps it should be stated explicitly, see [[Link Extensibility Proposal]]

3.Regarding **Placeholder**: Please elaborate, I don't understand.

-- Anonymous, 2007-02-26

1. This is left to the engine\\
2. see [[AlternateLinkSyntaxProposal]]\\
3. see [[Prototype]]\\

-- ChristophSauer, 2007-02-26