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If you have features from your wiki engine that you really miss, let me know on the HowToUseThisWiki.Talk page.

-- Christoph, 26-Aug-06

Yes, three

There is a new SpamFilter for JSPWiki, but it seems to be quite restrictive (see Spam filter too aggressive), so as long as it is possible I would like to avoid it.

There are InterWiki links defined. For exampe Ohana:WikiPrinciples or Google:WikiCreole. You can see a list of all defined InterWiki links in the help tab of the editor (Available InterWiki Links).

--Christoph, 13-Dec-06

The JSPWiki SpamFilter works a lot better now; it uses a combination of URL counting, blacklisting of words and Akismet to do intelligent filtering. It's just that there was a bug in all the releases up to 2.4.84, which killed pages essentially randomly... *sheepish grin* It seems to be working now a lot better.

-- JanneJalkanen, 13-Dec-06

SpamFilter is installed now. Thanks Janne for the help with the SpamFilterWordList. I also activated the akismet.net function. Should you have problems to edit a page due to the spam filter, let me know.

--Christoph, 18-Dec-06

Keuh. You seem to have installed the latest from the dev branch (which does not yet have all the features of the 2.4 stable branch incorporated - including a fixed spam filter!). Please expect weirdosities, as this is a *known* broken system now... I would highly recommend the latest in the 2.4 branch, not the 2.5 development!

-- JanneJalkanen, 18-Dec-06

Thought to myself be bold :) Switched back to 2.4.82. latest stable. Thanks again Janne.

-- ChristophSauer, 19-Dec-06

Nononono, use the latest from the JSPWIKI_2_4_BRANCH. Any 2.4. branch prior to 2.4.85 has a broken SpamFilter... I have not yet simply had time to release a new stable...

-- JanneJalkanen

The JSON javascript seems broken in IE6sp1. Having a javascript error message appear

A Runtime Error has occurred.
Do you wish to Debug?

Line: 345
Error: 'jsonrpc' is undefined
Yes   No   
Quite frequently (almost every keystroke on occasion). I would recommended wrapping the javascript in a try {} catch {} block atleast to prevent javascript error/warning messages appear.

-- JaredWilliams, 2006-12-19

The unfortunate side effect of using CVS HEAD ;-). I hope it should now be fixed (i.e. the AJAX stuff is no longer there. It's a feature of the upcoming JSPWiki 2.6, of which you got a very bad preview of...)

-- JanneJalkanen


RadomirDopieralski: I just thought of a minor improvement I'd like to ask for: to put the "log in/log out" link right next to where it says "G'day <insert your name here>". I find myself looking there to check if I'm recognized/authenticated and then searching the whole screen for the login link. By the way, it seems that this macro uses a different algorithm for recognizing users than the one generating recent changes.

ChristophSauer: Thanks for the suggestion. I will add that the next time I will update the software. I also will place the RecentChanges somewhere more visible. I will update the software anyway because I've fixed the "LostPassword" problem - so far JSPWiki was not able to use authentication for email server accounts when sending email, that's why I was not able to activate that feature.

ok, software update is done. Reset password should work now. "Null" user edits should be fixed as well, --ChristophSauer.

RadomirDopieralski: Thank you so much for the work. And for the login link. I just noticed a strange thing -- initially it said "G'day Visitor", then, when I logged in, it said "G'day RadomirDopieralski (not logged in)", then I logged in a second time and it said "G'day RadomirDopieralski (authenticated)".

ChristophSauer: Can you reproduce it? I restarted the server several times yesterday evening. Your login might got lost during this...

RadomirDopieralski: No, I can't reproduce it now. You're probably right. It wasn't critical or obnoxious, just interesting. This wiki is really improving, thank you.

I'm missing two features that are available in other wiki engines I use. One is the ability to mark change as "minor" (then it requires one more click in the recent changes to be displayed), another is remembering of the "change note" text between edits of the same page.

When you look at the recent changes, you see a lot of changes that just say "typo" or "spelling". And indeed, cliking on the diff only shows a small correction. But the change usually covers larger modifications or whole posts. Having a "minor change" checkbox would allow you to:

  • copy the change note from the previous change, optionally appending the new change note to it
  • display a link to diff between major changes in the recent changes.

Another nice thing that could be done in the diff is highlighting the actual words that changed in the displayed lines -- computers are much better than humans at comparing text.

I am aware these are not cosmetic changes, but you wanted to know if we miss something :)

-- Radomir Dopieralski, 2007-Mar-27

26. April 2007#

I've added a new version of the CreolePageFilter to this wiki that also supports Wikipedia style signatures. This should make life easier here. I hope that this also shows that tilde as an escape character does not necessarily collide with signatures. I might though have to alter the date format... What do you prefer?

--~~~     -> Signature
--~~~~    -> Signature + Date

-- ChristophSauer, 2007-04-26

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