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semantic web#

Though I'd enjoy engaging about Shirky's (dubiously cogent) screeds, this is a forum to discuss wiki markup. I don't want to explore the relative merits of ontologies, but would rather focus on how snippets of text within a wiki, can be named by an author (or others) so that such information can be extracted. If it is not named, then it cannot be extracted. If it cannot be extracted, then it cannot be used in other contexts... an outcome both silly and unacceptable.

newline and a user's point of view#

see TheUserSNewline if you like it
Salutation, Denis --spir

I am happy with the 1.0 consensus on linebreaks within paragraphs and don't see a compelling need to revisit that. My focus is on complex tables, documents within a wiki, XHTML attributes, etc.
John 23 Sep 08

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