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I'm getting this:

Unknown option --htmlbody Usage: /home/www/e6920da4aa34854a1e7ec7f172bb9ab4/web/cgi-bin/creole [options] Filter Creole stdin and renders it to another format. --body naked body without header and footer --creole Creole output --help this help message --html HTML output (default) --latex LaTeX output --rtf RTF output --test test input (stdin ignored) --text plain text output

-- Radomir Dopieralski, 2007-Mar-06

Oops, sorry. I'd forgotten to upload one of the files I'd modified. That should be fixed now.

Thanks for your feedback!

-- YvesPiguet, 2007-Mar-06

Tilde doesn't escape pipes in tables. Also, putting the tilde before closing "=" characters of a title only escapes one of them. Escaping the pipe in a link disables the whole link (the [[ and ]] and url are still consumed though).

-- Radomir Dopieralski, 2007-Mar-06

  • Tilde-pipe in tables: |abc~|def produces <table><tr><td>abc|def</td></tr></table> as it should. Do you have a counter-example?
  • Tilde-closing "=" in titles: the tilde escapes one character, not the whole markup. Remaining "=" are consumed as the end-title markup (the parser doesn't care if the number isn't correct)
  • Tilde-pipe in link: it's what I wanted, even if it isn't what I endorsed or documented. I'm not sure it's wise either. In my parser, all Creole markup is ignored in links, including tilde. I have to check if pipes are valid in URLs. Considering that links aren't always URLs, it's probably better to recognize tildes as escape characters also there.


-- YvesPiguet, 2007-Mar-06

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